Lots of stuff stories…

Campus pastor

A nice story about the departure of a pastor who had a deep impact on the University of Oregon Athletic Department.


Steelers chaplain

This Pittsburgh Steelers chaplain says that the most important thing isn’t wins and losses, but if you glorify God.


Ken Shamrock

The Mixed Martial Arts fighter, who is presently suspended for a year for turning up hot on three different drugs on a drug test, is sharing his testimony at a Detroit church.


Irish divide

These teens from Northern Ireland have a hard time getting across the deadly religious/political divide between them, but basketball helped build a meeting point.



This isn’t a tabloid-style story on Dwayne Wade’s woes but a very thoughtful look on his recent challenges. Click here.


Stewart Cink

Christian golfer Stewart Cink’s following is growing via Twitter. If you’re going huh, you probably really need to read this article. J


Tony Dungy

This story covers the author and speaker’s address (notice, words football coach aren’t in his descriptor…odd) at Berry College this past week. The story does an excellent job of capturing his speech and philosophy. On this page is about 20 minutes of video from the speech and press conference, as well as a story.


I want to go!

The Florida Times-Union reports that, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and former quarterback Danny Wuerffel, both Heisman Trophy winners, are among the speakers scheduled for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ Night of Champions on May 8 at Veterans Memorial Arena (7 p.m.) somewhere in Florida.



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