#100 — Navy linebacker Plebe of character

Ross Pospisil

Ross Pospisil

Navy football




I’m an Air Force guy, and it’s hard for me to believe anything this good comes out of the U.S. Naval Academy (that’s sarcasm people!) but linebacker Ross Pospisil seems like a class act who stands by his beliefs. It’s nice how his teammates reference his character and what a good guy he is.


Mariners coach

This Mariners bullpen coach was a Sunday School teacher up until a few months ago but is very focused on improving the Seattle club. The former World Series MVP is hyper competitive and has a heart of gold, and had found his calling teaching teenagers, until the Mariners manager came calling.


Roy Exum

This is another Roy Exum homerun! I promise, one day he’s going to get back with me and we’re going to feature him under original content.


Chuck Bowman

This Sooner legend says he learned a lot about life, and made a lot of friends, through FCA. This story is headlined, Collected Wisdom: Chuck Bowman.


Character development

I’m not completely comfortable with this story, although it makes a great point. Confusing, huh? Check it out here.




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