Siran Stacy shares from pulpit about losing family

Siran Stacy

Alabama football fans will always have a special place in their hearts for the former running back. After watching this long series of videos, I think we’ll all be joining them. Stacy’s ‘sermon’ is more of a testimony telling about the night and aftermath when a drunk driver killed his wife and four children. When you look at the initial page, the videos are listed as 1, 3 and 4. You have to click down the screen a bit and the 2nd video is shown. Stacy is quite the speaker. After the first segment where he tells about that tragic night, he preaches a straight-up sermon. If you don’t have time to watch the 36-minute package, this is the abbreviated version. Here’s the 5-minute package of the above story. Watch this video and read this Montgomery Advertiser story about the tragedy and how God brought Stacy through the turmoil.


Softball fight

This is one of those stories that really made me think. As I read through it, I nodded my head a lot. I can see both sides. This lady always dreamed of quiet evenings out in the country. Then, this church buys property right next to her. Then, they build a softball field with huge lights. They want to reach out to the masses! She wants quiet evenings. What is a person, or a church, to do?


Letter to the Editor

This Pennsylvania writer says athletes should stand up for their faith and not play on Good Friday.


Singletary for President?

This Quad-City Times writer is ready for the 49ers coach to kick off his campaign!


Burnsville MN, FCA

This is a story about the FCA in Burnsville HS, MN., where they average about 150 students every week.



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