Maya Moore leads UConn

There are only three articles today, but they’re three healthy articles with lots of info. Enjoy them all and thanks for reading.

Maya Moore

Women’s college basketball player Maya Moore, forward for the University of Connecticut, blazed through her past sophomore season, putting up numbers that added her name to the discussion of the greatest players ever. Moore was critical to UConn’s rolling to a perfect season and a national title. Not many people got a peek at her faith, but Sports Illustrated shared this about her.


At 12, Maya was born again. She credits her deep Christian faith for that quality others call confidence and she calls inner peace. “Everything you see me involved in flows from my faith,” she says.


That’s it! That’s all they had to say about faith, as it’s primarily a basketball article, but check it out. If you count her trophies, she had a pretty good season.



This is a story about many things. On the surface, it’s a story about an old man, 35, who decides to play college football. It’s also a story about what happens when we get our priorities out of whack but what can happen once things are straightened out.


Morgan Shepherd

This is a nice story on NASCAR’s Morgan Shepherd, as it tells what he’s trying to accomplish and a wee bit about his history.


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