David Robinson and others…

It’s now officially baseball season, Cracker Jacks and all that, but today I found two very good, under-the-radar basketball stories I’m really happy to share, right after we take a look at David Robinson.


Robinson, an NBA center, was named to the Basketball Hall of Fame yesterday. The Admiral, as he’s affectionately called since he graduated from the Naval Academy, is in a unique class when it comes to his generosity off the court. Here’s a couple of stories that tell you a lot about him.


This story tells about the school he started and his foundation.  Here’s a story from Christianity Today that encapsulates his faith and overview of who he is as a player and Christian.


Now, for our more under-the-radar type stories, players and stories you’ve probably never heard about. This story is about a church that has developed a recreational type basketball team for teens that has become very competitive and most importantly, impacted the players’ lives.
The second story shows
how God can change someone’s life. Here’s one of my favorite quotes about Robert Sanders, who shall we say has had a rough time of it. “He’s been a devout Christian ever since his last trip to jail,”
Griffith said. “We’re so proud of our kids when they win something like the state. You want them to go on and succeed in life.” He is 35-years-old and just won honors as All-American at Rhema Bible College in Oklahoma. It’s a very nice read.


Joe Gibbs

There is nothing spiritual at all to this, but I find it interesting.  Joe Gibbs, a Christian, owns the organization owns a SuperCross team to go along with his NASCAR team.


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