Play Ball!

Baseball season is on! My euphoria is leveled off a tad by the fact the Cardinals lost their opener, but there’s many more games ahead.


There were two other major homeruns today. Tim Ellsworth with Baptist Press smacked one out of the park with the three baseball stories he put up at and the team at Fellowship of Christian Athletes focused on baseball as well.


Here’s some of the stories from today!


Albert Pujols

Sir Albert sat down for an interview with Sharing the Victory’s (FCA) Jill Ewert and he revealed his thoughts about faith and materialism. Check it out here.


Ben Zobrist

Ellsworth, Editor of Baptist Press Sports, did a great job on this story with the Rays shortstop.  The shortstop makes himself very accountable to his home church, described in this Baptist Press story, also by Ellsworth. He and his wife Julanna, a Christian pop singer, had their first baby this past off-season.



Will the Phillies repeat? Well, I don’t know either, but here’s a couple of profiles on Phillies of faith. This brief story is about J.C. Romero.


Will have more throughout the week. Thanks so much for visiting.

































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  1. Tim

    Glad you liked the Zobrist stories, Joel. Thanks for the kind words.

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