Basketball coaches (not named Calipari)

Jaime Dixon

“My faith helps set my values … and I seek to live those on a daily basis,” said Pittsburgh head basketball coach Jamie Dixon in this Baptist Press Sports article. Dixon took his team to the Elite Eight this past year before falling to Villanova 78-76 this past weekend. And of course, Art Stricklin who wrote numerous stories from the Super Bowl wrote it…


Tony Bennett

Former Washington State basketball coach Tony Bennett didn’t get a zillion dollar contract like John Calipari did when he headed east for Kentucky, but did get a pay increase and is going to compete in the highly-visible Atlantic Coast Conference versus the invisible PAC 10. However, he said it’s going to take integrity to build a program that lasts. In this radio program, he tells how he shared his faith with one of his assistants.


Kurt Warner

Warner was in Illinois this week, sharing his faith at two FCA banquets, one in Springfield and the other in Peoria (has video with story).


Danny Wuerffel

This is a nice story about former Heisman Trophy winner/NFL quarterback Danny Wuerffel, who is now a key part of Desire Street Ministries. The ministry was washed to Baton Rough from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina decimated the city.



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