Albert Pujols, Mike Singletary and 2 McCoys

I get close to a 100 readers some nights to this little space. I ask each of you a simple favor tonite. Please pray for a little 3-year-old friend of ours that is undergoing brain surgery. His name is Nicholas and prayers for him, his family and his doctors would be deeply appreciated.


 I don’t judge. Only God can judge. I’ve always had the responsibility to God to be a role model, so it’s not just now. I play to represent God, something bigger than baseball. This is not about me. I leave everything up to God,” said Albert Pujols in this USA Today article. Pujols shared quite a bit about his faith in the feature article and it’s a GREAT article.


Here’s how it describes his coming to Christ, after meeting his wife. She brought him to church, the steppingstone for a life-altering experience that framed much of what he believes: He knew baseball was hard work, but he had no idea that God’s gift of eternal life was free.


My favorite

This story involves a former professional baseball player who went on to own a Chick-Fil-A! That would be heaven! All the waffle fries he could eat!


Mike Singletary

The San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary talks about his priorities and how he and his wife established a time schedule.


Spring break


n      This is a nice story about Tebow’s Spring Break. Check the box further down on the left with a collection of Tebow data.


n      Here is a story about what University of Texas QB Colt McCoy did during his Spring Break.


Gerald McCoy
This future NFLer, present-day Oklahoma Sooner, is getting the most out of his college experience.


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