Little bit of everything


Poor Billy G.

The Kentucky basketball coach is in the unemployment line but he’s supposedly got a $6 million dollar check as walking away money in his back pocket. Nice! Here’s some of his comments at an FCA Banquet shortly after taking the job, when he had UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart in tow. Oh yeah, and Barnhart is the guy who gave him his walking papers Friday.


Coach’s influence

Here’s a story about NFL running back Warrick Dunn and the influence coaches had on his life after his mother was killed.


Roy Exum

An interesting, and good, column by Roy Exum.


Spirit of sports

There are so many stories out there about over-bearing Little League parents, uber competitive kid’s coaches that this piece about a St. Louis Catholic basketball league was refreshing.


Napoleon Kaufman

Remember the former University of Washington/Oakland Raider running back? Today, he’s a minister in California. If you’d like to hear him preach, many of his sermons are archived his church’s website, and the sermon archives are here.


A first

This is the first story I’ve ever run from The Jewish Journal. It calls basketball, a Christian sport and very adeptly makes a case for that.


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