Is Dwight Howard Superman?

This was supposed to go up Saturday AM! Was going to San Antonio, hussling out of the house, posted it and thought I hit the “Publish” button, but put it in the “Draft” folder. Enjoy! The trivia question is probably a bit messed up by now! Sorry…

Trivia time
Trivia: What do NCAA women’s basketball players Jhasmin Player and Rachel Allison of Baylor, Heather Ezell of
Iowa State and Brittanie Taylor-James of North Carolina A&T. If you guessed that they’re still  playing in the NCAA tournament, you’d be right but if you’d also guess they played for Athletes in Action this past summer,  you’d also be right. If you guess both, you’re really, really smart!

Dwight Howard

Here’s the story I knew would be coming sooner or later on Orlando Magic center/manchild Dwight Howard. A bit more than a year ago, he was on every Christian website it seemed. He was a great role model, espoused his faith at the drop of a hat and was extremely lovable. This is how USA Today describes his entry into the NBA. “…because Howard was quite vocal when he entered the league preaching a no-street image and the word of God. At the dunk contest two years ago, Howard slapped a sticker to the backboard with the phrase, “All things through Christ. Phil. 4:13.””


But then it was announced that Howard was, ahem, Baby Daddy. It seemed like much of the Christian community turned their back on him. Taking his role model status away is a tad understandable, but turning your back isn’t really Biblical. It needs to be remembered, he was in his teens when he came into the NBA. He is going to make mistakes and fathering a baby out of wedlock, well, that’s a doozy. In this article, he and his parents mention their disappointment with the situation.

Here’s what he had to say: “I was a little hurt about some of the decisions I made,” he says. “I was kind of hurt about some of the things that were said about my character — what I said when I got into the league and what I did. Then I realized, ‘I’m not perfect.’ Even though the situation might have been a mistake, I got a blessing out of it. I would never take that back.” In days of old, Howard would be graduating from college right now.  Instead, he’s graduating into a new tax bracket and being seen by many as an MVP candidate. The bottom line is, if we don’t want to hold Mr. Howard up to our kids as an example, that’s understandable. But before we bash him, we need to remember what Jesus said about “Ye without sin cast the first stone.”

Here’s the story.

Super Aggie
Stephen McGee, the Texas A & M quarterback, had this to say about his postseason awards.


I’m just not sure what this writer was saying in World magazine about Tony Dungy, however, this one was loud and clear.


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