#86 Laporta, Tebow and The Pistol

Matt LaPorta

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Indians outfielder Matt LaPorta was demoted to the minor league camp. Eric Wedge, Indians manager, said this was a good thing.

Said Wedge, “It’s time to get them consistent playing time. They both have bright futures if they keep their heads on straight and stay true to the path. I have not reason to think they won’t.” The other person he was referring to was Michael Brantley. LaPorta, who hit .361 (13-for-36) with one homer and four RBI this spring this spring, will play left and right field at Class AAA Columbus.


Tebow update

It’s been days since I’ve posted an update on the Florida Gators quarterback/missionary/evangelist. He’s been busy since we’ve updated our legion of readers (okay, at least a couple of dozen) on Tebow. The University of Florida put a plaque up alongside the stadium in honor of Tebow’s speech last year but Tebow’s of course been too busy to check it out. Here’s what he did during Spring Break, according to the Associated Press.

“He spent spring break on a missionary trip with his family in the Philippines, speaking at elementary schools, high schools and colleges and visiting marketplaces and the orphanage his father helps run.”

Here’s the AP story and here’s video of the speech that was immoralized.


The “Pistol”

“Pistol” Pete Maravich has a biography (Amazon profile) that examines his Christian walk (author profile).





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