#83 Focus on Josh Fields

This was written last Spring in the Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s magazine Sharing the Victory. I’m sharing it because A) it is very well done and b) looks like Josh Fields has a permanent spot this year.
I would have probably just put a link up, but Fields was one of three players in this story and the third one down.

As much as I’d like to share info about San Diego Padres 1st Baseman Tony Clark or 2nd Baseman Chris Burke, I may have to use them another day, so here’s the link for all three stories if you must read about them right now.


Another reason we stuck with Fields today is he’s had a very good spring and looks like he has the White Sox’s job at 3rd Base nailed down, according to this Chicago suburban newspaper story.

 I can’t emphasize enough, this came off of the FCA’s magazine Sharing the Victory. They do a GREAT job…
 Josh Fields – 3B
Chicago White Sox
It could have been a stressful day for Josh Fields—well, as stressful as Spring Training can get under the warm Arizona sun. At the time in a tight position race for third base with All-Star Joe Crede, Fields had been scheduled for a day off.

Instead, he was inserted into the lineup last-minute against the Colorado Rockies. Even then, he was only supposed to play a few innings, but instead stayed in for all nine and went 3-4 in the victory. Directly after the game he was shuffled straight to a magazine photo shoot on the practice fields. Then, before he could leave for the day, he still had to get in that interview with STV.



Better call the wife and tell her he’ll be late. So, that’s just what Fields did.

Ashleigh, on behalf of FCA, we appreciate the time.

A legend in the state of Oklahoma, Fields made a name for himself as a two-sport standout at Oklahoma State University—most notably as the Cowboys’ quarterback with the most career touchdown passes. But according to Fields, also a collegiate All-American at third base, a career at the hot corner fit his laid-back demeanor more than one under center.
Now, coming off his first full season in the majors, it is no question that Fields made the right decision.
Fields on…
…being in the public eye:

“Going out and speaking has been the biggest blessing to me because, not only is it hopefully a chance for God to speak through me and help other people, but it also helps hold me accountable. If I go out and speak, and then those people see me out doing something that is the exact opposite of what I’m speaking about, there goes my witness. Someone’s always watching you, no matter who you are.”

…being a judgmental Christian:
“When I was in college, my faith really became personal and I really grasped what it meant to be a Christian. Before then, I looked at people judgmentally and looked down on them for whatever they were doing. But I came to a point in college where I just got broken down, and I realized I was the same as them, but I was failing them in a different way by being judgmental.

“Now, being around a clubhouse and being around people for so many days during the year, you know everything about them, and they know everything about you. So, if you’re going to judge them, they’ll be quick to come back and say, ‘Well, you need to clean this up on your part.’ And that’s the good thing: You have many accountability partners in the locker room.”
…what he does for accountability:
“John Talley was my FCA director in Stillwater, and I keep in close contact with him throughout the season. He gives and sends me books, and he really holds me accountable because he likes to get the books back. He lets me borrow them and then says, ‘Have you read this? You still have my book.’ It makes me get on it and start reading.

“You can witness as people watch how you handle situations.”

“I also love talking to people about their faith. I have great conversations with [outfielder] Jerry Owens, who is one of my best friends and teammates. He is my accountability partner on the team and in my life. Even in the off-season we’ll call and check on each other. We realize we have a bond past the game of baseball. We love going out and playing baseball, having success and winning, but the ultimate goal is to be the best people that we can to bring others to Christ.”

…enjoying the game:
“In college, I got to a point where I started realizing that it wasn’t about me. I had been out there doing it for me, but it was supposed to be for God. At that point, I started praying before practice and saying, ‘Just make this practice the best practice You can and help me develop relationships with people.’

“When you start going into sports with that attitude, you stop thinking about your personal gains. You really focus on your relationships, and, when it’s done, you can look back and say, ‘Wow, I was really blessed in that period of time because I did have the right mental attitude.’”

…proper perspective:
“It’s very tough because, in order to keep a job, you have to perform. I want to have the attitude that no matter what I hit I’m going to stay positive and keep the same attitude. But the truth is, it’s hard. Like when the media is there and you’re answering questions on a daily basis about why you haven’t got a hit in your last 20 at-bats, and you’re like, ‘I have to answer this again?’

#22 Josh Fields
Born: . . . . . Dec. 14, 1982
Hometown: Stillwater, Okla.
Height:  . . . 6-1
Weight: . . . 220
Bats: . . . . . R
Throws: . . . R
College: . . . Oklahoma State Univ.
MLB Debut: Sept. 13, 2006
   •1st Team 2003 Big 12 All-Conference at third base
   •First round draft pick of the Chicago White Sox in 2004 (18th overall)
   •Fields is also known as one of the best quarterbacks in Oklahoma State University history. He currently owns the record for career touchdown passes (55).
   •Married his wife, Ashleigh, also a former OSU athlete, in December 2006.
   • Started 2008 with AAA Charlotte.

“But when you realize what you’re actually here for and you keep your perspective straight—and luckily I have a wife who can humble me with a snap of her fingers—it makes it a lot easier to handle those times.”
…how to use tough situations as a witness for Christ:
“You can witness as people watch how you handle situations, and that’s what I’m trying to do right now: handle situations the best I can and not blow things out of proportion. You have to realize what the ultimate goal is and that, no matter what happens, everything is going to be all right—my family is still going to love me and my wife will still love me.

“I honestly have to tell myself that every day, because when I go out and strike out three times, I can easily drag that home and make things worse. But I have to realize that there are things beyond the field. This is fun, but it’ll come to an end at some point. Some guys realize it, some don’t.”
…his advice for college and high school athletes:
“Everyone has struggles, but the main thing is just to realize that they’re not the end of the world. Whatever is happening is happening for a reason. That’s hard to choke down sometimes, but I’ve definitely learned through my struggles that they happen for a reason. The struggles I’ve had have made me who I am today, and I’ve gotten stronger through them.

“Since we’re talking about faith right here, I’m expecting everyone to understand that faith is No. 1. You can say the most perfect answer about, ‘Do this and do that,’ but you have to realize that you’ve got to give it up to God and let Him show you the way.”  


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