#71 Griffin brothers and football coaches

There are weekends when there is so many links out there, I start working on other days just to balance things out. Well, this weekend, it’s a different story. Below is everything I could find out there. Although they’re all very good, I like to have twice as much.


If you ever see a good story out there, or website, where an athlete, coach or former athlete, talks about their faith, feel free to forward to me at joelalangton@hotmail.com . Thanks and have a GREAT day.


Griffin brothers

I hope I’m wrong…In my bracket, I have Duke winning it all but after reading this story, I would really like to see Oklahoma win a national title in basketball this year. It just seems like those Griffin brothers are solid. This story details a little about their faith and a lot about their upbringing. It’s a good compliment to last night’s story.


Frank Reich

The former NFL quarterback, present-day NFL quarterback coach, is trying to help FCA stir up interest in Indiana.


Jon Heacock

Youngstown State University football coach Jon Heacock (bio) spoke at an Ohio church’s basketball league banquet. It seems like this speech summed up a lot about the coach.


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