Shepherd crashes, Griffins rock and Funk withdraws

Obvious respect

Nationwide Series driver Morgan Shepherd got spun around by an opposing driver in Saturday afternoon’s race in Bristol. He eventually finished 34th, after being collected in another race. Hated to see it, but it was nice to see the respect he was getting from the announcers, who described a lot about the program he was running, but refused to mention the logo on his hood, “Racing with Jesus”. Kevin Harvick, who donated the now-crashed car to Shepherd, won the race.


Griffin brothers

Oklahoma University’s Blake and Travis Griffin have been lynchpins to the program’s rise to prominence this year. Now, OU is in the Sweet 16 after defeating Michigan. Both are Christians and cite their parents as spiritual role models.   


Fred Funk

Things didn’t go well for golfer Fred Funk at the Transitions Championships. Here’s a short explanation of what happened by Ted Fleming of the Tampa Bay Sports Examiner.


Veteran Fred Funk shot a 78, seven over, and then withdrew from the rest of the tournament. Officials gave no reason why the 52-year old could not continue although he has had knee issues.


Here’s how he grew spiritually through his recent physical this past year.


Kurt Warner

How are Arizona Cardinal Quarterback Kurt Warner and New York Yankee shortstop Alex Rodriguez alike? They both had the same surgery, just a few weeks apart.


Days of old

This is a nice story about an old Dallas Cowboy, who recently passed away but had his priorities in order.


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