# 79 NCAA Tournament, ’68 Olympians and more

Season’s over

Well, North Dakota’s season is over. L However, there’s a bright future for the two players featured in this story from Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ site. If you’re going to read one story from here today, I’d recommend this one (but you might as well read them all! It’s only 20 minutes!)



Olympic medalist

Remember Madeline Manning Mims? It’s not that I didn’t remember her, I wasn’t even aware of her. However, this former Olympic track gold medalist from 1968 is focusing on sports chaplaincy now. Of course, I went to Google and started digging, and here’s some other info I found on her. Not only is she a chaplain, but she’s a dancer and prophet (or is that prophetess?) Did I mention she is also a singer? Here she is singing the National Anthem at the 2008 Black Women in Sports Foundation Event in Kansas City. This interview takes about 2 minutes and 30 seconds to watch and is very good. She shares how she glorifies the Lord through athletics.


Morgan Shepherd

This 67-year-old NASCAR driver is still racing, except now he says his #1 goal isn’t winning races, but impacting people’s lives for Christ. Here’s a release about the team’s general manager talking to Marshall University’s FCA, and here’s the team’s website.



Manny Acta, Washington Nationals manager, is doing a lot of reading by Christian authors.









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