#78 Adrian Gonzalez and more

Adrian Gonzalez

A nice story on ESPN about the Gonzalez clan and what it was like growing up for them and how they ended up in the World Baseball Classic. Adrian, first baseman for the San Diego Padres, is a very outspoken Christian, and has a Bible Study on his website.  His site is one of the best I’ve seen by an athlete. He really tries to communicate with his fans.


Bobby Bowden

The Florida State football coach spoke at the Southeast Georgia FCA Spring Banquet and talked about old times.



It’s wrestling, as in the guys on mats and such, not rassling. Here’s an interview (audio and video) with a Liberty wrestler who’s competing in the national meet in St. Louis.


Tony Dungy

Dungy is moving All Pro Dads into the college ranks, according to this MSNBC story. According to this story, it doesn’t look like Dungy will be moving his show to the NFLPA on a permanent basis.


Mission trip

Here, a NC State coach has big dreams about mission trips, according  to Sports Illustrated.


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  1. R. Ortlieb

    Thanks for the link, very encouraging that Mr. Gonzales is using the opportunity he has to promote Christian faith. BTW, he plays first base for the Padres – his brother Edgar plays second base.

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