#77 Albert Pujols speaks


Messed up
I meant to send this story out several days ago but I forgot. Sports Illustrated did a
GREAT story with St. Louis Cardinals’ Albert Pujols, who’s not shy about sharing his faith, but not in your face either.

“We’re in this era where people want to judge other people,” Pujols says. “And that’s so sad.” He would like to leave it with those three words—that’s so sad—but then people might wonder.

So he continues: “But it’s like I always say, ‘Come and test me. Come and do whatever you want.’ Because you know what? There is something more important to me—my relationship with Jesus Christ and caring about others. More than this baseball. This baseball is nothing to me.”

Later, Pujols went on to share a bit more.

This is where Albert gets emotional. This does matter to him. He believes deeply that God has given him the baseball platform to do good work.

There’s a lot more to this story. Check it out ASAP and I kind of apologize because I meant to send this out as soon as I received it.

 Joe Gibbs
Go to JoeGibbsOnline where there’s a nice short racing update and a brief Bible study about “getting out of the boat” by Gibbs.

Spring break
Clemson punter decides to skip the beaches and head for the Arch, for a different kind of Spring Break.

Frazee triplets
After winning their 12th Big South title, the Liberty Flames, led by the Frazee triplets,
will face University of Louisville in the first round Sunday. Here’s Molly Frazee’s thoughts on matters.


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