Quality, not quantity

It’s not always about quantity but quality and I feel like there are two GREAT stories today, and one pretty good. The story about Clay Caulfield, who walked away from baseball is GREAT and the story about University of Washington coach Lorenzo Lomar was equally good. In fact, it made me feel bad when I didn’t pick him in my bracket! The story about the kid’s basketball league is very good as well so please enjoy and as always, thanks for reading!


Story of the Day

You hear about many major leaguers’ ministries but you’ll probably never hear Clay Caulfield’s ministry. That’s because he walked away from baseball after being drafted by the Braves and Yankees because he felt like God was calling him to the ministry. Not just any ministry, but this Canadian was called to the inner city.


Christian Basketball League

It’s not the ever-so popular Upward Basketball, but the director of this league says, “Yeah, we copied Upward Basketball.” The best thing about this Q & A is the parallels this pastor ties between sports and faith. And here’s a little background on Upward Basketball.


Lorenzo Romar

University of Washington’s Lorenzo Romar has his Huskies as the No. 4 seed in the West and is the fourth winningest coach in UW history. This is a short excerpt from a very nicely done, and thorough, Seattle Times profile of Romar.


His five NBA years followed, during which Romar made a life-changing decision in 1983 to become a Christian. He had some free time after suffering a knee injury and decided to read the Bible. As he did, he realized “I’d been missing the boat” on what he said proved to him to be an instruction manual on how to live.

“I think the way he viewed his outlook on life — who was in control of his life — definitely changed,” says his wife, Leona. “He realized he has to do what the Bible says and not what Lorenzo wants to do.”

Lorenzo and Leona, who had met in high school in Compton, were married about that same time. She is four years younger than Romar, and the relationship didn’t blossom until after he was in the NBA and returned home one offseason.


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