Christian Okoye, Dungy and more

Remember him?

Christian Okoye, former running back for the Chiefs, is involved in a number of  ventures now, including the California Sports Hall of Fame and Okoye Health and Fitness. Here’s what Christian said to his fans recently in a long interview in Ringside Report:


Of course, you know, I was blessed to be put in this position as far as playing professional sports. Many people tryout and they don’t make it, just only a few get to make it, so we have to thank God and count our blessings and act as such on and off the field, every time. For those who make it, you have a lot of young people that look up to you, so we have to bear that in mind. You have to watch your attitude and the way you act in public. Some people don’t think like that, but most people do. At least the people that I know do think like that.


Prayer and football

Here’s a perspective from New Jersey about the Supreme Court’s recent refusal to reverse the case about the coach praying with his team.


Josh Hamilton

Here’s a story from Sports Illustrated that features Hamilton’s focus for this season. It delves more into the athletic side than the spiritual side but gives you a lot of background on his past off-season.


Tony Dungy

According to ESPN, Dungy has a job offer on the table from the NFL Players’ Association and President Barack Obama. This Indiana columnist shows a nice side of the former Indianapolis Colts coach.  


Ben Zobrist

I may be buying a Zobrist jersey really soon, if I keep seeing things about him like this recently. Here’s another story from Tampa Sunday.


Sex stuff

This falls into the category of sports because it mentions Alabama football, and it’s a great article by none-other-than Roy Exum. Yes, it talks about sex, God’s way. Besides, you know I’m not above throwing an article in if I really like it and the article makes a great point.


I try to stay several days ahead with this space. I’m working on Monday (yes, it’s Monday, but also throwing articles into Tuesday and Wednesday if it seems appropriate). Well, I’d thrown the previous article from Roy Exum in earlier, but this one is just as good, if not better, and the S word is never mentioned! I’m thinking I may need to throw a permanent link to Exum on the site, but his publisher may not appreciate that.


North Dakota FCA

The North Dakota FCA held a breakfast at the state’s basketball championships.



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