Tourney time and players making a difference


The Tournament

Yes, this is selection Sunday, so there aren’t too many people reading this that I need to tell what THE TOURNAMENT is. Here’s a collection of stories on some of the basketball players chasing the national title during the next few weeks.


Roynell Young

This former NFL All-Pro is making a difference on the mean streets of Houston. God showed him how to use sports to make a  difference in their lives and has grown the ministry ten-fold.


Matt Stover

It seems like Baltimore Raven fans are enraged, or at least a bit irate. The Ravens aren’t resigning their placekicker, for what seems like good reason. However, Stover has given a lot to the community and has a pretty accurate toe. He’s also quick to share his faith.


Kurt Warner

I wouldn’t always put Kurt Warner stuff up if he’d quit doing so much good! This is a neat fundraiser he sponsored.


Red Sox chaplain

The Boston Red Sox new chaplain doesn’t know a lot about baseball, but he does want to help draw the players closer to Christ.



Two of my favorites, Tony Dungy and Mark Richt, University of Georgia head football coach, are teaming up as part of All-Pro Dads.


Another Liberty story

This is a good story, although I think the lead slows it down, but how can I not post a story when the player’s favorite cake is red velvet?


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