Maurice Clarett, Frazees and Tebow

I’m going to spend about six hours on the road Wednesday going to San Antonio and back, then we have a Tastefully Simple party on Thursday night, so I’m going to be busy. I’ll try and get something up, but no promises. I promise to put a lot up on Sunday at the latest, just keep checking in so I keep my Number of Visits up! J



Maurice Clarett

This columnist sums things up well about the former Ohio State running back, now prison inmate, when discussing Clarett’s blog.


If he has really had a rebirth, let him get his OSU degree, as he promises, and do volunteer work for the people he said he cared about. It is called atonement. Maurice Clarett has much for which to atone. The entire column can be read here. The blog can be read here.


Crazy Frazees

The Liberty Flames’ oldest Frazee is about to graduate and is looking at heading into the world for the first time without her sisters by her side.


Tim Tebow

I’m sorry, this has to be the last Tebow story for awhile, but he keeps giving me material. Very positive, very solid story in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on why he returned.


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