Sooner Monday and more

Sooner Monday

We’ll call this Sooner Monday, as we’re going to feature two Oklahoma University women’s athletes.  The first is about women’s basketball center Courtney Paris, who’s earned All-American honors. However, this is what she’s about, according to her coach: She does play basketball, but that is not who she is. Courtney is humble. She doesn’t even broach arrogance with all she has accomplished. She doesn’t want it to be about her. She wants it to be about her team. The double-doubles aren’t important to her. If she plays poorly and we win, you will never see her dejected. She has a real nice way of being about the final product, and I think that is very much a Christ-like characteristic.” Read the rest of the story in FCA’s Sharing the Victory magazine. (UPDATE: It seems like Ms. Paris feels confident that the Sooners will win the women’s national title this year and is willing to put her money where her mouth is.)


The other women’s player to watch is Samantha Ricketts, who’s tearing up the softball diamond this year, and getting some national recognition as well.


Ben Zobrist

It made my day to find a guy like this in my alerts. Everything that I read in this interview says he’s a really, really solid guy! When it comes to baseball, he’s known for his versatility, according to Tampa Bay Online. And, if you want more info on him, here’s a quick overview from Wikipedia.


Here’s his wife’s, a Christian recording artist, Myspace page.


More than sports

This professional cheerleader says that cheering should for more than sports, but in all areas of life. Another great story from Baptist Press.


High school dropout

This former high school dropout is now a key volunteer for FCA in the Danville, Il area, according to this business piece.


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