#70 Lots of good stuff

Blast from the past

Remember that old Tom Landry comic book, about the Dallas Cowboys’ head coach, that was popular in Christian circles about 30 years ago? Well, this Dallas/Fort Worth News-Telegram story recaptures the efforts behind the comic book and takes a look at the man.


Faith and sports

This PennLive article compares faith, life and sports and how they intersect and the lessons we can learn from sports. Here’s one quote from the story.


“[The] Steelers teach us what a team really is because they rely on each other. When I go to work, I’m part of a team, too. When Harrison ran 100 yards, he didn’t do it alone. His teammates helped. We all need help.”


James Laurinaitis

This is a nice, very short story on OSU’s James Laurinaitis and his role model father and lessons he learned from the professional wrestler.


Tim Tebow

I learned something reading this story (not that that’s unusual). One of the keys to Tebow’s returning for his senior year was if he could help raise funds for his Dad’s orphanage in the Philippines. Once again, Tebow has found himself the subject of a sermon/column.


Kay Yow

Nothing spiritual in this story except the life former N.C. State women’s basketball coach Kay Yow led. The story describes the team’s final game.


Kyle Korver

This NBA guard/forward is making a difference in impoverished communities, according to this Baptist Press story.


Harlem Wizards

This Wizard is also a preacher. Story is laid out poorly, not overly well-written, but there’s some GREAT info in there.


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