Quote of the day

Here’s what I thought was the best quote from University of Georgia running back Knowshown Moreno’s chat yesterday on ESPN.

            Steiny (NYC): What was the best advice that Mark Richt has ever given you?

      Knowshon Moreno: Just how to be a person off the field–how to be a Christian man and respect everyone. He’s been in my corner with this whole process.

Moreno is projected to be a high first round NFL Draft choice. If you’re a Moreno, or Georgia fan, or just bored, here’s the chat in its entirety. I don’t mean to be the official Mark Richt publicist (but he does give lots of material to work with) but here’s where one of his assistants turned down a promotion to stay with him. (It’s the third one down)

A little nutty
We strive for honesty here at Christian Sports Online, so I must confess, I really thought this guy was a little nutty at first. But I’ll encourage you to check it out, and read
the whole thing. By the end, I was nodding my head.

Vietnamese pitcher

Danny Graves is giving the majors one more shot via the Houston Astros and as he told the team’s owner, “if God wants me to be here, he’ll put me here.”


West Virginia

Bill Stewart, WVU football coach, is on the trail helping FCA raise some money.



An Arkansas school district is on the verge of being on the receiving end of a lawsuit over a Fellowship of Christian Athletes sign. This story says the sign is still up.




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3 responses to “Hodge-podge

  1. Mike Butcher

    Great quote from Moreno! I’m not a Georgia fan, but I do like Richt. I think he is a class act on and off the field. It’s great to see Christian men like Richt leading future NFL players in the right direction. These young men are going to be role models for lots of kids, and I think Richt is helping them become positive role models. Thanks for today’s post!

    • joelalangton

      I think I echo everything you said there. Being from Louisiana, it’s required by state law that I pull for LSU with everything I’ve got. However, I can’t pull against Richt, unless he’s playing the Tigers.

      So, how do you feel about Lane Kiffin?


  2. Hi thanks for a great post. I’ll be back 🙂

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