Warner stays, preachers coach and more

Kurt Warner
Warner’s bank account is a bit thicker now,  thanks to his new deal, and his family gets to stay in Arizona!

Supreme Court rules

Well, the Supreme Court didn’t do anything, so by doing nothing they upheld the rule that says a coach can’t pray with his team. Disappointing.



            Love this story about this North Carolina coach Earl Sadler Jr, who is what’s known as a bi-vocational preacher. Meaning he coaches during the week, and preaches on Sunday. I love how the preaching oozes into the coaching.


Lion hearts

            These Penn State football players shared their faith and compared to playing before 100,000 people on Saturdays. Wisniewski’s bio and Cousins’ bio.


Aussie ministry

            Here’s how “Coaches of Influence” is reaching across the Pacific Ocean to Australia, where they’re working with some young coaches.


Seth Curry
A tad bit is shared about Curry’s faith in this Richmond Times-Dispatch article. Even more is shared in this Praying Fields piece, which I often mention, about his coach Ritchie McKay.

Tony Dungy
Okay, I don’t mean to keep listing Tony Dungy, but here’s a great piece on the former coach.  The nice thing about this piece is it tells you about what’s covered in the NPR story and then links you to the piece.


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