Wooden recovering, plus Brooks and Dunn

John Wooden

One of the classiest people God ever put on this planet is recovering from pneumonia. Here’s the Coach’s website. If you’re not real familiar with the coach, or just a Wooden junkie, check this story out. It’s one of the more in-depth and thorough that I’ve ever seen done on him in recent years.


Brooks and Dunn

This dynamic duo, no, not the country music artists but the just released Tampa Bay Buccaneer linebacker and running back, have a track record of goodwill in the Tampa area.

            Here’s a couple of stories about their efforts:

                        Tampa Bay Online


I understand the decision Tampa made. They’re going a different direction but can’t handle the two player’s salaries and need to give the roster spots to someone who fits the team’s future better. Sad thing is though, it’s two long-time Bucs who are looking to call somewhere else home.

            Most disappointing to me though is that in both of these stories, no where were the words ‘Christian’ found, and both men will quickly tell you that their faith is a cornerstone of their lives.



            Athletes in Action found Jarred Soles a roster spot on a professional basketball team in Bethlehem. After learning a bit about himself, and his teammates despite a language barrier, he eventually thrived and is now returning for another season to play “less than 10 minutes from where Jesus was born.”


“No wimpy Christian kids”

            That’s how this College of William and Mary guard’s father, a former Athletes in Action staff member, mentored him. It brought about a strong drive ethic in Quinn McDowell.

Quinn, who is active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group on campus and attends Williamsburg Community Chapel, draws inspiration from his dad’s mantra.
“If you apply it to a faith aspect, you’re saying, ‘Christ was never really a soft guy,’” Quinn said. “Just apply that to your life.”
And as the late great Paul Harvey would say, Here’s the rest of the story.


J.C. Watts

The former OU quarterback, former congressman, former many things, is a likely candidate for governor of the great state of Oklahoma.


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