Sports, religion separate?

I’ve got a friend in the Air Force, we’re both in the same career field and he’s one of those people who do just about everything well. Words can’t describe how much I respect him in most areas. He sent me the following email the other day, after taking a look around the site.

“I’m personally for keeping sports and religion separate, but I do know some very fervent fans of Kurt Warner.” After thinking about it, he’s absolutely right, religion should be separate from just about everything. Faith, on the other hand, is a different story. Our faith is a part of our lives. Our faith is seen in our actions, in the way we live our lives, so really, there’s no way to keep them ‘separate’. They’re intertwined. I think Washington State basketball coach Tony Bennett exemplifies this. Listen to this interview here. You’ll have to listen to another interview first with Trent Meacham, a guard from Illinois. But it’s worth the wait. If you go here, you have a few more listening options. Sorry I’m not smoother at this aspect of it.


Speaking of…          

Speaking of those who get their faith and lives deeply intertwined, one name quickly comes to my mind – Joe Gibbs. Whatever venture he’s involved in, Gibbs’ faith always bubbles to the top. If it’s coaching the Redskins or directing his race team, there’s no doubt that he’s a Christian. A project of Gibbs caught my attention this past week. Go to and I think you’ll be as impressed as I was. At the site, Gibbs offers to send Bibles to anyone who asks and other Christian-oriented materials. If you’re wrinkling your brow and going, “Who is Joe Gibbs?” go here.


Pope John Paul II

Before you roll your eyes, this is the Homily of Pope John Paul II homily for athletes that I stumbled across. Check it out, there’s some good perspectives in there.


No surprise

Kurt Warner and Tim Tebow are becoming best friends. They’re always on here together, they might as well start chatting on the phone. When it comes to Tebow, is this going a tad too far?


North Dakota

Here’s what’s happening in North Dakota’s state championships, as far as FCA is concerned.


Horrid design

This story has some great quotes and insights from Tommy Bowden, but the site’s design is painful. Good luck! And while you’re in the Dublin Herald, here’s a story about one of their athlete’s insights on Bill Curry.


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