Warner, Singletary, match made in heaven


Kurt Warner

A lot of people say free agent quarterback Kurt Warner and the San Francisco 49ers aren’t a good fit. I say crazy talk, for one simple reason. He and 49er head coach Mike Singletary are both devout Christians and that could make for a perfect fit.  This is a nice “Letter to the Editor” about Warner.


Barista man

This former professional baseball player says God led him into opening a coffee shop.


More on Sweeney

This is a nice story about Mike Sweeney and his faith by Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times.


Smart Frazee

I can’t even spell Kinesiology (I cut and pasted) but Megan Frazee, one of Liberty University women basketball’s Frazee triplets, made Academic All-American in the brutal major.


Tony Dungy

Here’s a 10-question interview with Tony Dungy and the writer and some interesting questions.


1st gymnastics story

We’ve never run a gymnastics story, but this quote pretty well summed up University of Georgia gymnast Grace Taylor, the Tim Tebow of gymnastics:

Said teammate Courtney McCool: “She is the most Godly, caring, gracious, beautiful person inside and out, passionate person I’ve ever met in every aspect of life. In school, in gymnastics, in her family, her siblings, her friends, it’s always, ‘What do you need? I can keep it together, I’m here for you. I’m here for God and I’m here to serve God’s people.’ Grace is really hard to sum up because she’s such an amazing human being.”

Here’s the rest of the story.



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