Where have all the Miracles gone?



I originally called the subhead “Tim Tebow” but after thinking about it, I changed it to Miracles. This story is more about miracles than Timmy T. What the story reminded me of is that there are miracles around us every day, if we’re smart enough to see them. It’s a nice story. I’m not from Tennessee and wasn’t real familiar with Roy Exum’s work. So, sitting here on the Texas-Mexico border, I’m pretty proud of myself for finding this guy the folks in Chattanooga (minus some of the UT fans) have been enjoying for quite awhile. Put Roy Exum in www.google.com’s search engine and I’m sure you’ll enjoy him as well. Click on the News button at the top, and you’ll get a bunch of his articles arranged by date. Mr. Exum is a guy who’s been through some brutal stuff this past year, everything from fighting several deadly diseases to getting his car repossessed. Not the best year of anyone’s life, but he’s a long-time columnist who’s just happy to be alive and is thankful to his savior for that. And he communicates that appreciation very well.


A giving couple

This couple says that they learned to give in FCA, and now all of the profits from their new website, www.rainbowpromises.com goes to help start a non-profit which will benefit a children’s hospital.


Ryan Hall

This Olympic marathoner says he praises God with every step, and his overseas ventures have reinforced this concept to him. He missed the 15-kilometer American record by 1-minute and 14 seconds Saturday but is looking strong for the Boston Marathon.


Remember him?

Do you remember Kyle Rote Jr.? What do you remember him more for, his primary sport of soccer or winning Superstars competition? Here’s a quick update on his life.


Maravich wanna-be

This  former Harlem Globetrotter, who used many of the same training exercises as Pete Maravich, is now a speaker.


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