ESPN, Albert Pujols and a few more…

Interesting story

This is a story where Christ’s name is thrown around by both parties, but it never really says if the two trust Christ enough to tear down the racial walls between them. This story is at the top for a reason, because it is top-notch, although the lack of an ending did frustrate me some, but the way the writer told the story awed me.


Sir Albert

If the above story wasn’t so good, this would be the top story. However, I love what Albert Pujols says throughout this story. Here’s a very common theme, in Albert’s words: First of all I have a responsibility to represent God, which is who I play for, and my family and millions of fans back in St. Louis, and that means on and off the field. So I didn’t have to wait eight years as a professional to deal with that responsibility. And I’m a big believer that God won’t give you anything you aren’t capable of handling. So if I am going to be in this position, He knows I can handle it.”


James Laurinaitis

A lot of times it’s not the number of verses someone quotes, but the actions. This Ohio State University linebacker gave up a lot of money last year to stay in school. Why? Because he told his coach he was going to stay for at least four years. Last year, he’d have been one of the Top 15 picks in the NFL Draft. This year, maybe not, which means, he lost some money.


Injury riddled

I wasn’t going to run this until this NFL Hall of Famer made me laugh at the end. Enjoy the print story here, video here. Here’s a nice blog post by a church friend of his. Here is the transcript of Bruce Matthews Hall of Fame induction. Not spiritually laden but interesting. And, finally, here’s a long piece on him in Sharing the Victory magazine.


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