Big hodge podge

NFL casualties

A number of Christian football players have found themselves in the unemployment line as free agency approaches. Some of the new unemployment applicants are: Matt Stover, Baltimore Ravens; Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn, Tampa Bay Buccaneers; no telling what will happen with Kurt Warner and Vikings center Matt Birk is 50-50 to end up back with the team. Now, don’t get in an uproar, I’m not saying these are the only NFL Players who got their walking papers. These are just some of the ones who came to mind.


Josh Hamilton

These two aren’t related, but Hamilton got a new contract this week and there will be a special about him on MLB Network at 8 p.m. Friday.


NASCAR story

This story tells about a little girl who gave Dale EArnhardt a lucky penny, he won the race and gave the family a van. MotorRacing Outreach is helping the family with a fundraiser.


Teeng Akol

I’m sure everyone read the story earlier in the week about Oklahoma State’s Freshman Center Teeng Akol. Here’s a little update on him from The Oklahoman: Big man in Big Apple: Oklahoma State freshman Teeng Akol did not make the trip to Boulder. The reserve freshman was in New York attending a hearing for his application for political asylum. Akol, a native of Sudan, moved to Cairo, Egypt when he was five years old to escape the Sudanese Civil War. He moved to the U.S. four years ago and is currently in the country on a student visa.  (Complete link)


Wacky editorial

In my opinion, this is crazy talk, but I’ll share all the same. I agree with the writer, God doesn’t care who wins, but that doesn’t mean these athletes reject him when they lose, they just don’t get the platform.


Back to school

This University of Georgia football chaplain, and brother-in-law of Mark Richt, has headed back to school to ‘Finish the Drill.’

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  1. Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

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