NFL Combine reports on 5 Christian athletes

The big news coming out of the NFL Combine is that Texas Tech’s Michael Crabtree has an ‘owie’ on his foot. So, it will be interesting to see how it impacts his draft status. Although Crabtree was the big news, there was lots of other news concerning Christian athletes that we’ll try and touch on. Reality is though, we’ve just got six enclosed. We’ll try to add more information and cover some of these folks closely when the draft comes.


Aggie QB
Stephen McGee, who received the 2008 Bobby Bowden award from the FCA, also proved to be the fastest quarterback at the Combine with a time of 4.66 in the 40-yard dash. Here’s what Wikipedia said about the rest of his performance.
At the 2009 NFL Combine, McGee ran a 4.66-second 40-yard dash, which ranked second in his group.[29] He came in 4th after recording 33.0 inches in the vertical jump, and 5th with his 9’4″ in the broad jump.[30]  Link here.


Chase Patton
Patton, from the University of Missouri is known more as Chase Daniel’s backup than anything else, except when it comes to his faith. ESPN The Magazine said he may get a more serious look than starter Daniel. However, he is going to have to get into an NFL camp, and he’s not a shoo-in to do that although he’s very talented. There were lots more than quarterbacks at the Combine.


The Combine is about a lot more than what you run the 40-yard-dash in, but sometimes, why you blew off the Senior Bowl. Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis received criticism for skipping the Senior Bowl, and his claim that he was sick was met with skepticism. Here’s where the OSU linebacker shares his faith via YouTube. He’s projected to be drafted in the first round, possibly a Top 10 pick but probably mid- to late-first round. Looks like teammate Malcolm Jenkins, who has a strong testimony as well, will go in the first round as well. Here’s Jenkins’ sharing some of his thoughts via YouTube.


Glenn Coffee
The 6-foot, 209-pound Alabama running back was the 10th fastest running back at the Combine. Many project a great pro career for him. If you want the video version of his testimony, go here. For print, go here.



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