Avery Johnson speaks, Tony Dungy editorializes, and more

 Thursday and Friday were slow days this past week. Today and yesterday were as busy as those days were slow and I’m still sorting emails. The plan in the back of my head is to focus on the NFL combine tomorrow. So, if there are some players of faith you want to see updates on, email me at joelalangton@hotmail.com. Thanks again for reading and send the link out to a lot of friends.

Avery Johnson

Former coach and present-day broadcaster Avery Johnson was inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame Friday night. Here’s an excerpt from his speech in the Houston Chronicle:

Avery Johnson, who had the honor of speaking last, said it best as his distinct, high-pitched voice shook the very floor that was home to the Spurs’ first NBA title.
“I’m standing here today because of God and because of you,” said Johnson, pointing at the crowd — and figuratively to everyone in San Antonio — as his fellow Class of 2009 inductees Cody Carlson, Henry Cisneros, D.W. Rutledge and  “Jesse” James Leija looked on.
“I would not be standing here accepting (this) award had it not been for God and had it not been for you.”

Tony Dungy
I might as well make Tony Dungy a standing column in here. He’s always doing something positive. Here’s the latest on his book (#2 on the NY Times Bestseller list) and when he’s not churning out books, speaking at schools, conferences, he’s writing editorials for the New York Times. Here’s some of the media’s response to Dungy’s editorial.

John Smoltz
Our crack research team here at Christian Sports Online have athletes grouped by sports and it looks like when Smoltz retires, we’ll just have to switch the sport he’s under.

Tim Tebow
Here TimTebow shares some of his goals, why he goes to speaking engagements, what this off-season has been like and what went into his decision not to go to the NFL. It’s a great 3-minute video interview by Dan Hicken of WJXX out of
Jacksonville, Fl. that allows Tebow to share a lot about his faith.

Josh Hamilton
Anyone who’s read Texas Ranger outfielder Josh Hamilton’s book, Beyond Belief, knows the impact his grandmother had on his life, taking him in when he was at his lowest point. This column by Jim Reeves of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram tells how she is now terminally ill with cancer but still serves as a role model. Here’s a nearly 3-minute video off of Youtube from ACTS Network detailing his testimony.





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