Slim pickins’ in Links Land

The pickings were slim in Links Land today. These are two very interesting features and a story I’ve shied away from covering throughout the trial, but really felt like I needed to put the bottom story up.


Tony Dungy

This New York Times article details the former Colts coach post NFL plans, including beating down racial barriers to black coaches  in the college game.


Matt LaPorta

This former Florida Gator had a rough time after being traded to the Cleveland organization, but he said one thing got him through it: “I try to put all my faith in God and realize his plan is the ultimate plan.” Here’s the complete story.


Player’s death

I’m not sure what I think of any of this. The school didn’t probe the player’s death, according to this story and it seems like the coaches at this ‘Christian’ school were a bit over the top during practice. The principal said, “Our head football coach was hired based not only on his knowledge of football, but also because of his strong Christian beliefs and integrity toward his job and the treatment of all who know him.” Read the complete story here and share your comments.




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