#55 Allen Iverson’s theology and plenty more

Allen Iverson and heaven

These words have never left my mouth: “I agree with Allen Iverson!” However, I think he hit a homerun at the All-Star game when he had this exchange with reporters.

Allen Iverson, sporting a new hairstyle reminiscent of his days at Georgetown, was sitting around one of those NBA all-star weekend media sessions when he was asked by a reporter about whether he thought some of the NBA charity events — reading books to kids, handing out Thanksgiving turkeys — were a bit staged.

“Fake,” said the 10-time all-star who plays for the Detroit Pistons.

Iverson went on to say that he prefers the cameras not be around when he helps others less fortunate than him.

“I just look forward to doing it. I don’t need all the publicity that comes with it. I don’t need that. When it’s time for me to get toward that gate, either He [is] gonna say, ‘Come in,’ or He [is] gonna say, ‘Turn around.’ And a camera won’t decide whether I get in or not.”

Now, I don’t 100 percent agree with his Pearly Gate theology, but I do like the part about not being showy with good deeds.

Of course, my favorite religion/sports reporter out there, Kathy Orton, covered this exchange. What I love about Ms. Orton is she uses her noggin. I can count the times on one hand that I’ve disagreed with her, and even those times, I could see where she was coming from, she just happened to be wrong! J

Read the rest of her Iverson story here.


Cultural Christianity

When it comes to practicing our faith, there are often racial divides that keep us in our distinctive camps. What would happen if Allen Iverson walked into many of our churches? I think the majority of churches are incredibly segregated. There is a racial chasm dividing much of the church in America today. (If you disagree, chime in on the comments section below! I hope I am wrong.) There are a couple of athletes doing something about it. Here’s where Ryan Freel, player for the Baltimore Orioles is doing a little bit to bridge some of those divides. If you’re hip, go to this story. If you’re not quite so cool, go here. J Here’s where an NBA chaplain and youth pastor is ‘rapping’ songs for the Phoenix Suns, Kansas City Royals and Milwaukee Bucks’ Michael Redd. Here’s the story on him, here’s some samples of his work with a good radio interview.


Mr.  Positive

University of Arkansas’s freshman guard Rotnei Clarke is upbeat, according to the Northwest Arkansas Daily News:


Arkansas freshman guard Rotnei Clarke said while the Razorbacks’ 1-9 SEC record is disappointing, he’s doing his best to stay upbeat about the season.

“It’s tough … I hate losing with a passion,” Clarke said. “But waking up, it’s a blessing. God giving you another day to live.

“You’re alive. You’re walking on campus. I’m happy to be here. I feel blessed to be here.

“I’m just trying to have a good attitude. I think that’s what we’ve got to have to be able to turn things around.”


I’ve been doing this for about nine months now, and there are some papers that aren’t going to put anything reflecting Christian values in, and then there are a hand full like the Northwest Arkansas Daily News, that don’t hesitate. Here’s the rest of the story (no, I’m not trying to be Paul Harvey! J )


P.S. Since I’m a huge LSU fan and Arkansas plays LSU on Wednesday, I don’t mind if they wait a game before they get their act together. Guess that’s not very spiritual…



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