Ryan Hall still running

Here’s today’s edition. Enjoy. By the way, we’ve managed to just about update the site daily for the past month. Several of you have written and mentioned you love the site and don’t want to miss a thing (that makes you smart!). Here’s a suggestion: Put your email address in the RSS Feed box on the middle right. That way, when we update, it goes straight to your Inbox. Thanks so much for visiting.


Ryan Hall

I like this site to be cutting edge and to give you information quicker than you can get it anywhere else! Well, nearly 95,000 people have seen this video first, but I still think it’s very, very good, so I’ll still share! It’s by Olympic runner Ryan Hall and has a very homemade, from the heart feel to it. Okay, here is some cutting edge news: Hall is running Feb. 28 in Tampa where he hopes to run a personal best in a 15-kilometer event. Ryan and his wife Sara’s website is www.ryanandsarahall.com.


Josh Hamilton

Well, looks like Hamilton will start the season off in center field and the Rangers are trying to ensure the slugger is with them for quite awhile, or at least another season.


Mike Sweeney

We’ve run a lot on Mike Sweeney lately, here’s the wrap-up on his fundraiser.


All-Star game

More background and a nice story on the FCA’s All-Star game, sorry, make that the Super Centex Victory Bowl, in Central Texas.




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