Kurt Warner dancing on Ellen to Feast Beasts

Got a bunch of disparate stuff today, everything from Kurt Warner dancing on Ellen to wild game dinners. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Warner on Ellen

Seems like an odd couple of sorts and what seemed even odder was Warner trying to dance, but here is a 7-minutes of footage from the talk show.


D-Wade struggles

I’ve really struggled if I should post some of Dwayne Wade’s struggles off the court this past season. For one reason, a lot of it involves litigation (he said, she said) and I don’t want to tear someone’s character down based on some accusation someone throughout. However, reality is, something is going on! At one time, his testimony was stellar. This is the most balanced story I’ve seen on his challenges and I seriously pray he can get his personal ship righted. Remember, ye without sin cast the first stone, or something like that.


Crazy Frazees

No, the Frazee triplets out of Liberty University really aren’t crazy, or even crazy acting, but Crazy Frazees just had such a nice flow to it. The girls are writing a blog together for the NCAA and here it is. Check it out. I’ve never seen those three do anything that made me cringe.


Bobby Bowden

This is a wonderful story that seems to capture the essence of Bobby Bowden at a speaking engagement.


Basketball ministry

This group is using basketball as a ministry to reach to youngsters.


Beast Feast

Well, I’m admittedly not a big outdoorsman, but I’m not going to pass over a link just because it doesn’t involve a slamdunk. Here’s where some people put together a very outdoorsy thing called a beast feast…okay, if you like hunting and fishing, read it! J Hey, I am planning on running a feature on a professional fisherman soon!




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