The racing circuit officially kicks off for 2009 this weekend. The best starting point is probably right here, with this 3-year-old article from MSNBC about God and NASCAR.


Joe Gibbs
Former NFL coach and race team owner Joe Gibbs shares his faith here.

Many Testimonies
This link gives you 27 testimonies of different drivers, pit crew members and others associated with the sport. It’s not overly well done, but the best part is probably the video testimonies of several drivers and crew members. Video testimonies are found under Darrell Waltrip, Doug  Newell, announcer Leslie Brotherton, Michael Metcalf, Nick Terry, Ray Wright and  Steve DeSouza. Eric McClure also has an in-depth testimony.

Michael Waltrip
If you go here, you can find several clips of Michael Waltrip’s testimony during a race track event.


Morgan Shepherd
Probably the most outspoken Christian on the NASCAR circuit is Morgan Shepherd, who puts his faith on his car via Faith Motorsports. The team verges on being a shoestring operation at times, doing their best to make every race but racing is an expensive proposition but they’re already nailed down for the first five races of 2009. Here’s an overview of their ministry.

MotorRacing Outreach
As always, we always seem to find ourselves putting something in about a chaplain involved in sports. Billy Mauldin is part of MotorRacing Outreach and is one of the chaplains for NASCAR. Here’s another story about MotorRacing Outreach from Baptist Press.


So we’re clear, we’re not saying these are the only Christians in NASCAR or that these fine folks aren’t going to do something dumb three minutes after we post this. What we’re saying is these folks had testimonies that could be found relatively easily.


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