Medals found, bowl games, Lance Berkman, not necessarily that order

Ministering coach

This Philadelphia Kixx assistant coach, an indoor soccer league coach, has found a real niche helping the homeless in some very simple ways we could all learn from. Here’s the ministry that’s resulted from his efforts, and here’s his blog



Houston Astros’ Lance Berkman has never shied away from speaking up, and the recent steroids controversy is another example where he jumped right out there. He believes that a) fans aren’t going to believe any players are clean and b) baseball needs a much stronger policy.


Medals found

Josh Davis’s medals were returned! Here’s the original dispatch from Wednesday: Olympic swimmer Josh Davis is quite adept at winning medals, but it’s keeping up with them that’s the challenge. I think Davis seems like one of the most decent individuals out there, but these are his medals. I couldn’t Hyperlink this part but go to his website, click Faith-based speaker, then click his testimony where he shares his testimony. If you can, pray that he finds his medals as well


Another bowl game

The Heart of Texas Fellowship of Christian Athletes is hard at it as they’ve coordinated a high school bowl game to give their high school seniors a little more visibility.


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