Number 50!

The Big 5-0! Fifty times we’ve sat down and found some clips intended to teach and hopefully inspire. I was so in a desert when I began this thing. No, not spiritually, literally. The deserts of Southwest Asia and we’re talking ZERO grass…Nothing but sand and camels. But I was led to start this because I feel like there are many solid Christian athletes out there we can learn from and be inspired by. This isn’t overly poetic, but I just felt led to do this and I keep feeling led to keep churning these out and keep improving. It’s been fun and I’m just amazed at the response. Thanks for reading and let’s do another 50!


Anti A-Rod

In this day and age when a few athletes get all the publicity for doing dumb things, there are so many who do so many amazing things that get minimal publicity. OK, Tony Dungy, former Colts coach who has finished another book, grabs a lot of the good publicity. Thing is though, he’s such a role model. This is one of the better stories I’ve seen on his latest book tour!


True women’s star

This former Vanderbilt women’s basketball player is a true star in my book. In 2007, her senior year, she never played more than 10 minutes a game. See what she’s doing upon graduation! This story, in an ALTERNATIVE CITY PAPER (that’s sarcasm directed at my friends who think nothing positive can come out of something ‘secular’), shares where she got those values and faith from.


Warrick Dunn

The Tampa Bay running back won the Bart Starr Award (another Art Stricklin masterpiece). He really sets a standard, but this article describes some of the pain he’s been through.




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