Lost his medals and other funny stuff…

Evangelism linebacker

Well, we tend to focus on sports and athletes and I guess this falls into the category of sports. It also falls into the category of funny. Big thanks to Pat McCain, a chaplain in the Air Force who really ministered me many years ago and posted this on his Facebook page.


Gold medal blunder

Olympic swimmer Josh Davis is quite adept at winning medals, but it’s keeping up with them that’s the challenge. I think Davis seems like one of the most decent individuals out there, but these are his medals. I couldn’t Hyperlink this part but go to his website, click Faith-based speaker, then click his testimony where he shares his testimony. If you can, pray that he finds his medals as well…


Jake Peavy

The Padres hurler is just glad to be a, Padre


Women’s BBall star

This Ole Miss women’s basketball player has been down quite the path but is consistently overcoming hurdles.


Holy coach

I like the words this NFL assistant coach uses and his perspective. I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but you read this guy’s resume here and you just go, wow, how’d he ever end up in the NFL. Then I realized, that’s probably what made him so smart. Here are some comments from a Pentecostal publication that basically quotes various athletes and Coach Courtright.




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