Super Bowl hype and a Hog

Super Bowl hype

The good news and bad news is that by this time next week, the Super Bowl will be an after thought. For me, that’s probably bad news but for my wife, good news. J But even me, the sports lover that I am will be a little glad to finally see this over.


Kurt Warner, and Baptist Press’s Art Stricklin, say the Cardinals QB has been censored quite a bit this week.


I love the Washington Post’s Kathy Orton but I don’t really agree with her today. Doubt if she’s real upset, because her points are always well thought out and she has no idea who I am. She just happens to be wrong today (kidding!). I encourage you to go to her story, there’s a lot of links with it. Think through her points, there’s some truth to what she’s saying, but I THINK overall Christians have the right to share their faith and journalists should challenge them about it.


Looks like Saturday morning is my time to post stories I disagree with. My hat’s off to the Denver Post’s Mark Kiszla because at least he gave a few of his readers a chance to respond. However, comparing Kurt Warner sharing his faith to Peyton Manning selling credit cards is silly talk as far as I’m concerned.


It seems like in some ways, Brenda Warner has changed and in a few other important ones, she’s still the same old Brenda from St. Louis days. How does Kurt Warner do it? Sunday afternoon, he’ll be squaring off against the Steelers, at halftime he’s speaking at a Phoenix church. It’s called technology.


This is an example of a great job by Big Country FCA who responded to this reporter’s questions perfectly about the Super Bowl and wove the message of Christ in perfectly. Kudos Steve Keenum and Company!


Razorback Rotnei Clarke

Alabama and Arkansas squared off Thursday night, and it’s not like either are lighting up the SEC, with two Southeastern Conference under Bama’s belt and zero under Arkansas’ at tip-off. Rotnei Clarke caught fire, snapping out of an offensive slump, scoring 26 points. It could be a coming out party of sorts for Clarke who is very outspoken about his faith.



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