Lots of football, Kay Yow and long pants

It seems like a lot of Steelers and Cardinals aren’t shy about sharing their faith at the Super Bowl, according to the Associated Press. My theory, which is usually correct, is very simple. Kurt Warner is setting the bar – period. Here, the Kansas City Star does a broader look at NFL players, and Tim Tebow, who are sharing their faith. The Baltimore Sun gets into the act here, focusing on Warner. Wonder exactly what did Warner say on Media Day? Looks like someone transcribed just about every word.



You know that guy seen screaming at everyone on the Cardinals sideline? Well, here’s a bit about his faith, of course by Super Writer Art Stricklin. Here’s Stricklin’s second story of the day (my favorite) about Steelers coach Mike  Tomlin. And, the last story of the day from Baptist Press is an off-the-field story about Ken Elder who’s a key player in South Florida’s (Tampa and Miami) off-the-field Super Bowl efforts.


Tony Dungy

The now retired coach was on Fox talking about his book, this is a transcript and video of the interview.


Editorial like ramble

I’m not sure what I thought of this article, except I almost fell asleep before the end.


Kay Yow

N.C. State had a memorial service of sorts Wednesday night. Here’s video from the event.


Long pants

This Pentecostal school wears long pants at its games. ESPN did a very respectful interview with the principal.




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