Oodles of SB coverage

If I could just direct you to one site today, it would be to www.fca.org. There’s plenty of good reading and watching.


First is the Super Bowl collection of links the FCA site has. There, stories on Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, Chargers’ running back LaDamian Tomlinson, Tennessee Titan David Thornton and Seahawks QB Matt Hasselback.

Plus, there are probably more stories about the Super Bowl players and their faith than you’ll be able to read. 

Next up on your daily recommended reading list is a story on Travis Hibbert, an X-gamer who nabbed another gold medal. Here’s the ESPN story they link to, and here’s a previous STV story.


Okay, sorry, can’t totally keep my word! Art Stricklin is verging on super hero status here, as he’s churned out a set of monster stories, with a little help on the second one. The first one, is on the Steelers and I’m gonna make you guess who the second one is about (I ain’t tellin’).


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