Super Bowl coverage, some baseball and a Kay Yow link

 As a guy who occasionally (often) struggles to meet deadlines, my hat’s off to Art Stricklin who churned out two stories for Baptist Press late yesterday and early today. If you don’t know who he is, read down to Sunday. He wrote stories about each Super Bowl team’s chaplain: here’s the Cardinals chaplain and the Steelers chaplain.


Here’s a recap of some of Tony Dungy’s comments on the Dan Patrick show today. (A very quick, but interesting, read!) Here’s an excerpt from his new book and a nice story about the book.


Here’s a story about one of CSO’s very kind, and very Christlike subscribers, who received a trip to the Super Bowl because of the class his team showed this year. (Coach Hogan, if you need someone to go with you… J )


Here’s a story out of Philly about how good put the right people in this receiver’s life.


If you’re overdosed on football, here’s a story about the Braves Jeff Francoeur. This story doesn’t mention his faith, but does mention how he prepared differently this season as compared to last year’s very dismal season.


Maybe, just maybe, this is the best Kay Yow story of them all.





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