More on Kay Yow, Kurt Warner

Arrangements are set for women’s basketball legend Kay Yow. Really aren’t enough adjectives to describe this great lady. There are many, many stories that popped up over the weekend shortly after the coach’s death. This is certainly the longest with lots of depth, written about six years ago. There are more than 1,000 stories on Google/news about her, sadly many are afraid to touch her faith, which was such an integral part of her life. Many of the stories are from AP, International Herald Tribune and other major wire services that just get their stuff printed over, and over, and over. However, there are many from people’s lives she touched. Even jaded sports writers who say she was very kind, gave me time when she didn’t have it, etc. This is the story that told me a lot about her faith. This was a story, also from the Greensboro, N.C. News-Record about her writing a children’s book, cliff diving in Greece and telling someone “she’d love to win a national title but if she had to make a choice, would rather lead a player to Christ.” If you need a lesson on living, just put Kay Yow’s name into Google and read the approximately 1,211 stories about life.


Here’s a few more links:

USA Today


Pat Summitt, University of Tennessee women’s basketball coach

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski and Maryland Coach Gary Williams

Charlotte Observer (possibly the most complete coverage in the land)

Cindy Stein, University of Missouri women’s basketball coach

Kansas University coach Bill Self

Wilmington Star News (talks about her influence on players)

Claudia Kreicker Dozier (former player)

C. Vivian Stringer Rutgers women’s basketball coach

Local high school players

Sportswriter Melinda Waldrop from the Daily Press out of Virginia


Super Bowl

Art Stricklin, covering the Super Bowl for the Baptist Press, had this dispatch Monday about faith and the Super Bowl. This Missouri publisher did a nice job summing up Kurt Warner, in very few words. Also, former Colts coach Tony Dungy will be honored at the Gospel celebration (a 4-star link).  



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