Interview with Super Bowl reporter Art Stricklin

Art Stricklin, a free-lance sports writer and the Vice President of Public

Art  Stricklin

Art Stricklin

Relations for Marketplace Chaplains USA, is living every football lover’s dream this week as he covers his fifth Super Bowl for Baptist Press. He recently finished his seventh book Links, Lore & Legends: The Story of Texas Golf, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions for Christian Sports Online, to give us an idea of what it’s like to cover one of the world’s biggest sporting spectacles. His first story covering this year’s Super Bowl is already up. He held Roger Goodell’s feet to the fire, asking a number of values based questions, several of which Goodell deftly dodged like a running back in the open field (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Here’s the link to the Baptist Press story, but make sure you read about Stricklin first. (History making moment, as this is the first original content ever on Christian Sports Online!

If you know of any athletes, journalists or anyone else who’ll sit down for an interview, HOOK US UP!

We’re going to strive to get every one of his stories up as soon as they’re posted!

Tell us about what you do now (chaplain and writer) …. How does that work? I’m the Vice President of Public Relations for Marketplace Chaplains USA and also a free-lance sports writer. Both are very busy, but very rewarding.

Million Dollar question: What is covering a Super Bowl like? The Super Bowl is the height of sports hype and excitement. You’ll see more media or events than in one place.

What stories are you focusing on/hoping to write?
We want to spotlight players and coaches who have a Christian testimony and are looking to share it with others. We can them that chance.

What was your first Super Bowl like? What stood out the most?
I had actually attended two Super Bowls, before covering one. It’s really a mob scene with media and players. Forget any private one on one interviews, just ask your questions before you’re trampled under 13 others.

What’s your favorite story you’ve done as a Christian sportswriter?
Probably Zach Johnson winning the  Masters, Christian boxing world champion Paulie Alayia or Tony Dungy

Is there an event you haven’t covered that you’d like to?
Maybe the Olympics or perhaps the British Open.

How did you get started doing this?
Graduated from Baylor University with a journalism degree, worked for daily newspapers for a decade before getting into free-lance and Marketplace.

Tell a little bit about your walk.
Like most believers, struggling at times, seeking to honor Him always. Very active in our church, Prestonwood Baptist outside of Dallas.

What questions should I ask that you really want to answer?
There is no cheering in the press box, but I always root for good Christian guys to win, along with anytime the Baylor Bears take the field. Go Bears!


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  1. Great interview — excellent content as always — thanks Joel!

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