Praying Fields, a web-project by Kathy Orton, a writer for the Washington Post/Newsweek does an outstanding job collecting some of the outstanding articles from where sports and faith intersect. I’ve boosted her project here before. However, in today’s collection, two of the pieces she has are absolutely stellar. She’s got a GREAT cross section of stories on Tony Dungy and then, the story she has on Tim Tebow (from before the National Championship) is the best I’ve seen.


Top 10

According to Fellowship of Christian Athletes, these were the Top 10 Christian Sports Stories of 2008.



Who’s the most famous Christian athlete in the world? Josh Hamilton? Kurt Warner? Albert Pujols?  Probably someone we’ve never heard of, unless you’ve been reading CSO since the beginning.


Power man

I can’t tell a lie, I had my eyes rolled through much of this article, but the last sentence was the smartest in the whole thing.


More Tebow

That little Timmy Tebow has quite the flair for the dramatic. This is sad. Tim Tebow put John 3:16 under his eyes during the National Championship football game. (not the sad part). However, going by this, millions of Americans had to look it up on the internet. Didn’t all Americans go to Vacation Bible School? Christine Brennan, a USA Today columnist, weighed in, in her typical fine fashion.


Julie Piper

This Big Sky Conference sophomore says that her faith keeps her on an even plane.


Who am I?

That was the question this Wheaton College basketball player was asking himself his Freshman year, causing him to walk away from the team. Now, he knows.


China trip

This high school senior is having a good season, but the two games he missed will have more of an impact on his life.


Kurt Warner

This author and writer has some interesting ideas about Warner in this story on


Walking, talking miracle

This Tulsa high schooler calls his recovery from a coma, after his collapse in a football game, a “walking, talking miracle.”




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